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Diploma in Textile & Fashion Design
(Accredited by MQA) MQA/FA1515

Creative Interpretation & Trend Setting



The Textile and Fashion Design course caters to the needs of students interested in becoming a textile or fashion designer. The Diploma course consists of two major modules, namely Textile Design and Fashion Design.


Textile Design provides training in conceptual development, creative interpretation and technical production as well as knowledge relevance which is crucial to the textile design industry. On top of that, traditional design and local content will be emphasized. An industrial attachment and a practical workshop will further provide valuable practical experience for the students.


Fashion Design equips the students with fashion and textile knowledge, marketing and practical skills. Design concepts and technical skills are inter-dependent and mutually enhancing in the training approaches. The programme is structured to cover all aspects of fashion design from basic to advanced drafting, draping, construction and designing. Studio projects include functional to experimental clothing designs.





Fashion Purchasing Officer

Pattern Drafter

Fashion Designer

Fashion Buyer

Fashion Coordinator

Stage Costume Designer

Fashion Management Assistant

Fashion Display Artist

Textile Designer

Textile Quality Controller

Surface Designer

Textile Consultant



Textile Design

Fundamentals of Art & Design

Textile Design 1-5

- Repeats

- Furnishing

- Scarf Print

- Fabric Collection & etc


Printing Workshop

Resist Textile (Batik)Surface Designs

Textile Technology

Colour Studies


Theory of Design

Historical Aspects of Textile

Interior Decoration


Fashion Design

Fundamentals of Art & Design

Fashion Design 1-5

- Basic Design
- Ready to wear
- Vogue Malaysia
- Wedding Gown

- Label Image, etc

Fashion workshop practice


Common Subjects

History of Fashion
Professional Practice
Fashion Illustration
Fashion Merchandising
Digital Imaging and Text 1


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