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Foundation Studies Department

Understanding & Appreciation of the Fundamentals


The Foundation Studies of MIA strongly emphasizes the understanding and appreciation of art fundamentals and the application of these fundamentals in various disciplines of art and design.


The Department endeavours to nurture the students with a strong foundation for their eventual pursuits in specialized courses in Graphic Design, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Textile & Fashion Design, Fine Art and Illustration.


As a whole, the main functions of Foundation Studies are

To provide the students with an understanding and appreciation of the fundamental elements and principles of all artistic expression and the forces inherent in these elements and principles.


To provide training in basic techniques, methods, skills and concepts which are necessary for the artistic growth in the visual and plastic arts.


Duration of foundation studies: One Semester
All Diploma students are required to complete their first semester in Foundation Studies.



Art & Design Fundamentals


Basic Elements and Principles of Art & Design in 2-Dimensions





Exploration of media, study of form, space, value and etc.



3-Dimensional Studies


Exploration of Art
Fundamentals in 3-Dimensions



History of Art



Introduction to major courses


Graphic design / Interior design / etc.



Duration of foundation Studies


One Semester



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