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Diploma in Graphic Design
(Accredited by MQA) MQA/FA1512

Charting New Dimensions




The objective of the course is to prepare students wishing to pursue professional careers in the graphic communication industry. Its aim is to train creative graphic designers who are capable of meeting the client’s demands by providing the appropriate design solutions in their work place.


All students will learn manual skills and exploration of conventional and contemporary media in communication design. The course incorporates areas such as advertising, corporate identity, typography, illustration, computer graphics and photography into communication design. The students will be trained to learn the skills of advanced computer software applications and equipped with IT-based knowledge. But above all, the emphasis is placed on the quality of inventiveness and critical thinking.




Fundamentals of Art & Design
Symbol and Sign
Promotional Design
Publication Design
Corporate Identity System
Packaging Design 1 & 2
Digital Imaging and Text 1
Digital Imaging and Text 2
Interactive and Moving Images 1
Interactive and Moving Images 2
3-D Modeling


Graphic Designers
Packaging Designer
Publication Designers
Production Supervisors
Art Directors
DTP Artists
Account Executive
Display Artists
Web Designers
Art Teacher







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