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Diploma in Interior Design
(Accredited by MQA) MQA/FA1514

Transforming Space


The programme aims to equip students with the ability to make decisions and solve problems that interior designers are confronted with. Students receive education in both the aesthetic and technical aspects required for professional practice.


Throughout the programme, students develop creative and innovative design abilities by working on individual projects which deal with the different aspects of theoretical, conceptual and practical design problems.


Students will be exposed to complex problem of modern environments in the context of style, taste, culture and humanity. The Institute maintains a close relationship with the industrial sectors in the country and endeavours to keep abreast with current developments in design and technology. At the end of the programme, students will be able to meet the challenges and demands of the design profession in an effective manner.





Self-practice in Interior Design
Designer in Architecture and
Interior Design Firms
Practice In Furniture Industry
Showroom/Window Display Designer
3-D Visualizer
Building Model Maker
Colour Scheme Adviser
Sales Personnel for Building Materials
Exhibition/Event Designer









Fundamentals of Art & Design
Design Projects
- Residential Project
- Commercial Project
- Recreation & Entertainment Project
- Educational Project
- Hotel Project
- Cultural Project
Computer Aided Design
Interior & Architecture Study
Building Construction & Environment Study
Furniture Study & Lighting Design
Interior Specification & Contract

Business Study


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